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2022 Tucker Motorsports Carset (NCS22)
DAT Designs - 2/16/2023 - 0.1 kb - 450 User Downloads  
Posted By: chargenick1563  
One last ride. Tucker Motorsports and its 4 drivers join the 2022 Next Gen Cup car debut with 61 custom schemes (w/ pit crews). Download and enjoy the final Tucker Motorsports carset. CREDITS: Painting Program: GIMP 2.10; Mod and Templates: Full Circle Racing Designs, James Hodge, Thomas Philbrick, Noah Sweet, Nathan Kiani, Swiss (Pit Crew Template); Numbers: Big Evil Racing, XuticX; Logos: Big Evil Racing, A-Main Creative, Stunod Racing, justahamlinfan, Harris Lue (Lue Creative), Lefty Designs; Contingency Logos: thedude1987 (NASCAR Cup Series Logo)
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Posted By: chargenick1563  
Thank you, I appreciate the kind words and the support over the years! The 2021 and 2022 Bud cars are some of my favorites of my recent designs as well.
Posted By: TheLarsonOne  
That Budweiser scheme looks real nice bud, it's cool seeing your designs improve over the years
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