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Trolls & Spammers
Kazuo - 5/8/2020  
Hello all, We've once again had some issues with users creating accounts purely to spam the Upload Library with hate speech content. Again we've deleted the uploads and banned the user. I would encourage all users to simply avoid and ignore any content like this. It will be dealt with as swiftly as possible by the admin team. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to private message me. Hope everyone is staying safe! Andy
Correct Upload Catogories
WoofGM - 11/3/2015  

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There has been many files posted in the past and more so recently that are not being put into the correct category when user are uploading files to the site. Example - Car files are not "ALL" they go into the "Cars" category. Also many are forgetting to put the Year & Car Number as well. Many complaints have been posted at a few sites and pm's have been received as to why when searching the site for files, people can not find them. Putting them into the wrong category creates this issue. If anyone has any question about this, feel free to pm me for assistance.
WoofGM - 7/14/2015  

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Rather simple guys. After posting with credits, some members fail to do so the following times. Nothing new, as we do not catch every file all the time. Common courtesy is to give credit for anything you did not make. Sometimes, this is all the recognition the Original Authors ever get. Mod,Base,Template,Logos,Render Scene have been pretty much standard items to use when posting credits for many years. Also keep a reminder - if you did not paint it, you can not post it.We cannot catch all of the ones posted in prior years. When they are found, they will be removed. So there is no need to ask "Why is Member - XXXX have some posted and I can't" -OR- "He gave me permission" Site policy is SITE POLICY.
2014 Update #1
Blueclipse28 - 2/20/2014  


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!!!!!DO NOT COME TO NNRACING AND START A NEGATIVE POST ABOUT OTHER WEBSITES IN THE FORUM!!!!! Those who do will have thier access to the site removed !
!!!!!!!!!!! Forum Relativity !!!!!!!!!!
Blueclipse28 - 6/26/2009  


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This has been something that we have always tried to maintain and is always hard for us to squash all the problems, the right way, without upsetting people. Unfortunately, people are not always going to agree on the same thing.... see the full story
Lets grow up...
Muddslide18 - 6/17/2009  

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This is warning number one for everyone, keep the comments supportive for all cars, even if they are bad, not everyone came out of their mother professional artists and graphic designers....everyone tries their best, anyone who negatively comments on a car will receive a warning from me, and since I don't check every car every day i need people to keep me updated...if you see someone abusing their comment privileges send me a pm and I will take care of it...
Edit your posts
Muddslide18 - 4/7/2009  

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Please, when you post a file and then something goes wrong or a picture doesn't show, please edit the file. You don't need to re-upload things 4 or 5 times.
Thanks nick
All the links you need for painting is here.
Blueclipse28 - 4/1/2009  

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Do not forget that we have a links sections with a ton of links to sites relevant for painting. enjoy. Click here for our recommended painting sites
*please help support our friends in the sim community by given credit when you use someone else's work alongside your own.*
Muddslide18 - 1/12/2009  

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We have been having quite a few post with no pictures attached, or a link to a picture recently. If you are going to leave a post on the site we ask that you show people a picture of what your creation looks like. Please try to resolve this problem on your own by checking your post as soon as you put it up. If you remain to have problem placing a picture in your post leave us a link to a picture of it. In the future, posts without a picture or link to the picture will be deleted.... Thanks.. Mudd
Forum Update/Multiple Photo Uploads.
Muddslide18 - 12/10/2008  


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I changed one of the rules in the forum, before you could only post something with one upload. Now you can put in multiple photos. All you need to do is: approach it like normal. You will see the browse link. Hit that, select your file then hit send. Next you will see the same page, do the same thing. Repeat as many times as you need then just push the forum button at the top of the page and you can view you post... Enjoy! Muddslide
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