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TntMan93 Toyota Car For The Orig Cup Fixed
JoseGonzalo - 3/25/2023 - 799.6 kb - 337 User Downloads  
Posted By: JoseGonzalo  
For @TNTMan1993
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Posted By: codkazuo  
Not fixed. You need to give proper credits. It's not hard, it's giving content creators thanks for the work they put in creating the materials you've used to create your work. Please give credit for things.
Posted By: codkazuo  
Great, but needs a bit more than that, where did you source logos, numbers, door signatures? If you truly made all that from scratch yourself you should still say so. That way if anyone else re-appropriates it for their schemes they can give you credit as well.
Posted By: JoseGonzalo  
@codkazuo Team SBR For The Templates
Posted By: codkazuo  
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