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Garage 56 Le Mans - Original Cup
JrEdwards8899 - 8/9/2023 - 1,712.5 kb - 282 User Downloads  
Posted By: JrEdwards8899  
After a lot of tweaking with the paint job (the hood is still off by a little bit...), here is the 2023 Garage 56 NASCAR made for the original cup mod. Ratings are set to match Jimmie Johnson, I retrieved those from NRatings. Idea came from a NCS22 livery of this paint job and wanted to convert it over. Credit to ISLAFE at Stunod for the base, and BillA1947 at Stunod for the Camaro template.
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Posted By: JrEdwards8899  
Download works now as a .zip file. Thanks!
Posted By: Matt Yeager  
Try uploading it as a .ZIP file.
Posted By: JrEdwards8899  
Proper credits have been given. My apologies. Download still does not work. Any way to fix this?
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